Treat pain anytime, anywhere with the portable TQ Solo personal use laser. Our most popular laser features 15W of peak super pulsed power and has 3 easy-to-use preset frequencies to help manage pain.

15W peak super pulsed laser power
Compact and lightweight
3 preset frequencies
Rechargeable battery with 8 hours of continuous use
Compatible with optional acupuncture & muscle trigger probes for targeted treatments in small areas

Super pulsed laser radiation:905nm
Broadband infrared Radiation: 875nm
Visible red light radiation: 640nm
Laser infrared radiation peak pulse power: 15W
Pulse repetition Frequency laser and broadband infrared radiation: 3 preset frequencies
Emitter aperature: 5-10 CM²
Magnetic induction: 35 mT
Overall dimensions (MAX): 140 X 50 X 50 mm
Net weight: 0.3kg (0.66 LBS) 300g