Professional Assessment for Specific Back Treatment.

Accurate, easy, fast and free from radiation.

More than 3000 clinics, physicians, therapists and health centres worldwide already use the SpinalMouse®.

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Advantages of the Spinal Mouse

The SpinalMouse® is a new and compact measuring device allowing computer assisted analysis and display of the spinal cord’s shape and mobility in the sagittal and frontal planes. It surpasses most “traditional” methods in its precision, relevance and clarity of display, at an optimal cost/benefit ratio. It is both practitioner and patient friendly, non invasive, and completely free from radiation.

Easy, reliable and accurate measurement

The SpinalMouse® measuring head is guided along the spinal column, automatically adjusting itself to the contours of the back. The relevant clinical data is then wirelessly transferred to a personal computer or laptop.

Precise data on vertebral column geometry

The excellent reliability and high degree of validity of the data in comparison with X-ray images has been proven repeatedly in scientific tests. With SpinalMouse(r) any desired number of measurements can be tracked for each patient and changes during the course of treatment become apparent.

Transparent and simple patient information

Systematic measurement of the spinal column is a reflection of professionally administered therapy. Simple and easy to understand graphics provide a basis for informing the patient. Regularly repeated measurements underline the patient’s progress.

Professional documentation at the press of a button

All data is saved during the course of treatment which means that detailed documentation can be prepared at any time for colleagues, health insurance organisations and others. Any necessary therapy or treatment can therefore be clearly and objectively justified.

Exercises to supplement back training

The software includes a range of exercises for effective back training. These exercises will be specifically adapted for the individual patient after the measurement data has been evaluated.

The measurement process

It is easy to maximise added value.

SpinalMouse® measurements are highly relevant and reliable, e.g. for:

  • Posture and mobility assessment in clinical and therapeutic environments
  • Quality assurance during therapy
  • Comparative screeni



  • Kyphosis (BWS curvature)
  • Lordosis (LWS curvature)
  • Pelvic positioning (tilt or stretch)
  • Segmental angles
  • Dorsal length
  • frontal plane (Scoliosis)


  • range of motion from flexion to extension
  • range of motion from upright to flexion
  • range of motion from upright to extension
  • lateral inclinations
  • Segmental mobility


  • Interpretation of measurements for training purposes
  • Exercise catalog and training schedule
  • measurement modelled on Matthiass Test
  • Database consolidation across patients
  • Versatile printing and data export capability

Typical fields of usage

  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation training
  • Manual therapy and chiropractics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Neurology
  • Preventive medicine
  • Health care at school and at work
  • Ergonomics, Occupational medicine
  • Osteopathy
  • Health, fitness and wellness centres

Typical applications

  • Generation of back specific findings
  • Reporting on therapeutic progress
  • Quality assurance
  • Disease prevention (e.g. in schools and industrial environments)

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