Long infrared wavelengths increase the blood circulation


CeraTexoffers CE-marked products of high quality with two functions

  1. Good support which enables possibility to prevent injuries and support for aiching/soar/injured muscles, joints and tendons.
  2. Increases blood circulation since the fabric contains ceramic textile which reflects infrared wavelengts from the body´s heat radiation. The effects of infrared radiation are well documented since many years.

Many customers are positively surprised by the results from using CeraTex products at conditions like stiff neck, arthritis, rheumatism, temporary injuries, soar muscles. Knee support, ancle support, back support, elbow support and gloves are examples of products that CeraTex offers.



The CE-marked ceramic textile used in CeraTex products contains 30 different mineralhydroxides that´s been melted at a high temperature of 1600°C and high pressure together with either polyester or polypropolene. From that mass a fibre is extracted and becomes the thread from which the products are made of. This process is unique for the CeraTex products and is more expensive and andvanced but also makes sure the minerals can not be evaporated och washed away. CeraTex has knowingly chosen this comprehensive way of production to ensure top quality. CeraTex is the only supplier that states what amount of ceramic material the product contains.

CeraTex ceramic textiles has a heat radiation reflecting function. It´s a combination of new technology and ancient Asian knowledge.

The ceramic textile reflects a certain part of the infrared wavelengts from the body heat back into the body. This long infrared wavelenghts increases blood circulation and can be perceived as healing.

CeraTex products are very durable and has long life span. The products in the human range are all CE-marked. The same textile is used for the products in the animal range.


MORE INFO AND WEBSHOP:   https://www.ceratex.se/en/