Photizo Vetcare – Home unit

Photizo® Vetcare is a unit for LED treatment of your pet at home. Horses, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, cows, etc. The unit is powerful, effective, portable and easy to use. Powered by battery and charged via adapter. Photizo® Vetcare can be used for treatment of pain, ulcers, wounds, swelling, inflammation and stiff muscles. The body´s own healing process accelerates. Photizo® Vetcare increases the blood and lymph vessel diameter which facilitate the body´s ability to take care of waste products. The blood circulation is increased to the treated area. Photizo® Vetcare can be a useful complement to veterinary care.


Wave length: Red light 633 nm and infrared light 850 nm

Effect: 1300 mW Treatment area: 4,7 cm2

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