Photizo® Vet Unit

Treatment programs:

  • 0 – 21 Day Wound
  • 21+ Day Wound
  • Seroma Hematoma
  • Tissue Trauma
  • Abcess
  • Osteo

With the vet unit is included carrying case, 150 mW pen probe, battery (4 AA batteries), battery charger for the unit aswell as adaptor. Additional options are larger probes – 1200mW, belt bag, external battery for running two probes and glass rod for internal treatment.

0-21 Day Wound 

Use this program to treat:
Cuts, acute wounds, blisters, operation wounds / castration wounds, burns, cool ramp, superficial bruises, insect bites (reduces swelling and itching), skin grafts, swelling of the ear canal. Suitable for treatment immediately after surgery, as well as follow-up wound healing.

21+ Day Wound 

Use this program to treat:
Wounds that are 21 days or older: chronic; bedsores, eczema, infected wounds, ulcers.

Seroma hematoma

Use this program to treat:
Swellings, mastitis, edema, abscess.

Tissue Trauma 

Use this program to treat:
Suitable for treatment of spondylolisthesis:
Muscle injuries, tendon injuries, suspensory injury, peripheral nerve injury, inflammation of the soft tissues, fasciitis, trigger points, myalgia and muscle spasms.


Use this program to treat:
Infected areas, abscesses, “hot spots”, gingivitis, mug, fungal hoof.


Use this program to treat:
Arthritis, cartilage injuries, fractures, protrusion, sinovitis, suspensory injuries, tendon injuries, joint infection, side Bones.

Case studies documented by veterinarians is found to the left under the tab case studies Photizo®.

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For animal treatment for professionals we recommend our special package: Photizo 641 incl. 150 mW probe and 1200mW probe, large external battery and the hip bag. The hip bag and external battery for usage of two probes – 4 500 mAh – gives you the opportunity tho move free during treatment.

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