Kicki Odell

Kicki together with Minna Telde´s horse Santana at the European Championship in Herning 2013.

Kicki started together with Marcus Odell in 2008. In the human area PharmaLight´s customers are trained by both Kicki and Marcus in how PharmaLight´s products are best adapted for the customers profession. Doctors, nurses, osteopaths, naprapaths, physio therapists are some of the professions trained.

In the animal area Kicki is out on many of the big championships treating the national team horses. During the year Kicki and Marcus treat the PharmaLight riders horses in preventive purpose. Also large training- competition- sales- stables, breeders, private persons, companies and veterinarians.

Market, suppliers, marketing, product range, company developement, quality, education, help desk, sales, exhibitions and treatments.

Contact Kicki at: or +46 702 585354


Charlotte och Rasmus Haid Bondegaard och Kicki började pånytt att samarbeta under våren 2014. Charlotte var med och tog Guld i Nations Cup i Norge 2014
Charlotte and Rasmus Haid Bondegaard and Kicki started working together again during the spring 2014. Charlotte was part of the team that took gold medal in Nations Cup in Norway 2014, with Rasmus and Kicki.
Sara Algotsson och Kicki i PharmaLightmontern
Sara Algotsson Ostholt and Kicki in the PharmaLight stand
Patrik Kittel har ActivoMeds Magnettäcke, tillsammans med Kicki i Göteborg 2012
Patrik Kittel has ActivoMed´s Magnet blanket, together with Kicki in Gothenburg 2012
Anna Svenberg blev Nordisk Mästare under Nations Cup i Norge 2014, med Kicki
Anna Svenberg was Nordic Champion at Nations Cup in Norway 2014, with Kicki


Anna Hassö och Kicki Falsterbo 2013
Anna Hassö and Kicki Falsterbo 2013
"Osannolik snabb läkning" enligt läkarna, Christoffer Forsbergs olycka 2013
“Unbelievable fast recovery” according to the doctors, Christoffer Forsberg´s accident 2013, with Kicki


Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein från Danmark, Wulf Beckamna från Tyskland / ActivoMed samt Kicki
Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein from Danmark, Wulf Beckman from Germany/ActivoMed and Kicki
Ludwig Svennerstål och Kicki
Ludwig Svennerstål and Kicki
Minna Telde och Kicki
Minna Telde and Kicki
Hannes Melin och Kicki
Hannes Melin and Kicki
Ulla Håkanson och Kicki i Göteborg 2013. Sofie Lexner tävlade  Ullas häst Charming.
Ulla Håkanson and Kicki in Gothenburg 2013. Sofie Lexner was competing Ulla´s horse Charming.
Sofie Lexner och hennes team där Kicki ingick efter sin come back i Göteborg 2013
Sofie Lexner and her team, where Kicki was a part, after her “come back” in Gothenburg 2013







En dag på jobbet, besök hos Sofie Lexner och behandling av Ulla Håkansons Charming Boy
A day at work, at Sofie Lexner´s treating Ulla Håkanson´s Charming Boy
Dag Albert och Kicki på tävling i Lümyhlen
Dag Albert and Kicki at competition in Lumühlen
Anette Holmén och Kicki i Falsterbo 2013
Anette Holmén and Kicki in Falsterbo 2013