Spiro Tiger® – Unique help for improved respiration

As a result of training with SpiroTiger®, the respiratory muscles work more efficiently and consume less oxygen, leaving more oxygen for the muscles in the arms and legs. The result is improved endurance and competitiveness, optimised, efficient breathing and generally enhanced fitness.

Respiratory training using SpiroTiger® STGO or st SMART concentrates on strengthening the respiratory muscles, but it also has beneficial effects on physical performance in general. It creates new reserves of energy which are good for both endurance and for giving short bursts of power. Underpinning this training benefit is the close connection between breathing and general performance: as the respiratory muscles tire, the flow of blood to the extremities can be reduced, having a negative effect on circulation in the arm and leg muscles. This can result in heavy limbs (similar to aching muscles), excessive blood lactates and a reduction in performance. Respiratory training with SpiroTiger® counteracts these negative effects by delaying the point at which the respiratory muscles become tired, and so maintaining the circulation in the arms and legs at optimum levels for longer.


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