Marcus Odell

Marcus started together with Kicki 2008. In the human area PharmaLights customers are trained by both Kicki and Marcus in how PharmaLight´s products are best adapted for the customers profession. Doctors, nurses, osteopaths, naprapaths, physio therapists are some of the professions trained.

Marcus treat customers horses in preventive purpose – and aswell as Kicki – he treats the PharmaLight riders horses during the year and at international competitions. Marcus also works with big training/competing stables, breeders, sport clubs, elite athletes, fysio therapists and private persons.

Technology, orders, service, technology developement, education, help desk, treatments, heat camera, sales, exhibitions and the cooperation between PharmaLight and suppliers are parts of Marcus area.

Contact Marcus at: or +46 704 55 48 22


Cilla Kristoffersson driver Mosslunda Dressyrstall tillsammans med sin man Einar och är tränare till många duktiga ryttare, bl a Minna Telde. I PharmaLightmontern tillsammans med Marcus

Cilla Kristoffersson runs Mosslunda Dressage stables together with her husband Einar and is trainer of many good riders, among others Minna Telde. In the PharmaLight stand together with Marcus.


Axel Olin och Marcus tillsammans på Flyinge

Axel Olin and Marcus together at Flyinge

Dag Albert och Marcus går banan tillsammans i Luhmüle

Dag Albert and Marcus walking the course in Lumühlen

Douglas Lindelöw och Marcus i PharmaLightmontern

Douglas Lindelöw and Marcus in the PharmaLight stand

N Henrik Lannér och Marcus har arbetat ihop i många år

Henrik Lannér and Marcus has been working together for many years

Ny kund under behandling i montern

New customer during treatment in the stand

Tummen upp från Marcus kund på behandlingen. Muskelvärk är en av de vanligaste smärtor vi har. Behandlas ofta och med stor framgång med hjälp av PharmalLights LED Ljus. Tummen upp!

Thumbs up for the treatment from Marcus customer. Muscle pain is often treated with great success with PharmaLights LED Light Therapy Treatment. 


Marcus med nöjd ny kund till

Marcus with a satisfied customer in the stand

Marcus och David tar hand om kunder i montern

Marcus och David tar hand om kunder i montern

Marcus med en blivande kund - tandläkare. Mobilisern hjälpte många att bli av med smärta/stelhet i ryggen/kroppen. Den spontana känslan när smärtan minskar är så skön - tummen upp!

Marcus with a new customer – a dentist. The Mobiliser helps a lot of people get rid of pain and stiffness in the back and body. The spontaneous feeling when pain relieved – thumbs up! 

Marcus, Malin och Kima, Falsterbo

Marcus, Malin and Cima, Falsterbo

Christoffer Forsberg och Marcus i Lühmyhlen

Christoffer Forsberg and Marcus in Lumühlen